Code Style

Maven will automatically check for coding style violations for Java and interrupt the build process if any are found, displaying a message about it. Apart from that, here are some general rules:

General Rules

  • UTF-8 encoded
  • No trailing spaces
  • End files with a newline character

Java, HTML and JavaScript

  • Indentation is done with exactly two spaces
  • No line of code should be wider than 120 columns
  • Avoid unnecessary code style changes


  • Avoid lines wider than 120 columns
  • Avoid unnecessary style changes

Everything Else

  • Try applying the Java style rules
  • If in doubt, ask on list

Logging Rules

The following is a list of logging levels and their use.

Level Description
TRACE Information that would only be useful when debugging a specific subsystem.
DEBUG Information relevant to development. Used to provide detailed information for developers.
INFO Information relevant to server administrators. Creating, updating, and deleting files should be logged here.
WARN Handled exceptions. A warning should be logged any time there is a possible problem administrators may need to investigate..
ERROR Unhandled exceptions. Problems that were not automatically handled.