The ZipWorkflowOperationHandler creates a zip archive including all elements of the current media package that are specified in the operation configuration. It then adds the archive to the media package as an attachment with the given flavor and tags and by default stores the zip file in the working file repository's "zip" collection.

Parameter Table

configuration example description default value
zip-collection zips A comma separated list of flavors to preserve from deleting zip
include-flavors */source,dublincore/* Which elements to include in the archive (all)
target-flavor archive/zip The flavor of the created attachment archive/zip
target-tags archive The tags to apply to the attachment
compression true Whether to compress the archive content flase

Additional notes:

  • The include-flavors configuration parameter accepts exact flavors like presenter/source as well as wildcard flavor definitions like */source.
  • Usually, for media content, zip compression does not reduce the size of the archive very much but adds significant processing time. That is why activating this is usually not recommended.

Operation Example

  description="Creating zipped recording archive">
    <configuration key="zip-collection">failed.zips</configuration>
    <configuration key="include-flavors">*/source,dublincore/*</configuration>
    <configuration key="target-flavor">all/zip</configuration>
    <configuration key="compression">false</configuration>