Opencast Player - Configuration

The configurations for the player are done for each tenant. So the configuration keys are located in .../etc/org.opencastproject.organization-mh_default_org.cfg.

Select the Opencast Player

To activate the player set:



Property Description Options
prop.logo_player Logo in the top right corner Any URL or local path to an image file
prop.player.positioncontrols Position of player controls top, bottom (default)
prop.player.mastervideotype Default flavor of the master video * Any flavor or nothing
prop.player.hide_video_context_menu Hide browser context menu for videos true, false
prop.show_embed_links Show player embed code true, false
prop.link_mediamodule If to link to the media module true, false
prop.player.shortcut.* Keyboard shortcut specifications Any key

Master Video Flavor

This specifies the flavor used to select the master video (the video on the left side in the video display). This video file also provides the audio. If not set or no video of the specified type is available, the videos are taken in their sequence within the media package.