Opencast 7: Release Notes

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Additional Notes About 7.1

Opencast 7.1 is the first maintenance release for Opencast 7. It fixes a bug with the scheduler migration which may have caused minor issues for old, processed events which were missing some metadata. If you have already migrated to Opencast 7.0 and experience this problem, simply re-start the scheduler migration and re-build the index once more.

Additional Notes About 7.2

Opencast 7.2 fixes a bug in the video editor configuration present in Opencast 7.0 to 7.1 which will cause Opencast to always silently skip the video editor and publish the whole video. The problem was introduced by a fix in the default workflows and later fixed again by a configuration change therein . If you use the default workflows, please make sure to update to the latest state of the workflows.

If you use your own workflow and did not adapt the first patch, you should not be affected by this problem at all. If you are, just make sure that source and target smil flavor for the editor workflow operation are identical like it is ensured by the official fix. A proper solution not relying on specific configurations and less error prone is in work and will be added to the upcoming major Opencast release.

Additional Notes About 7.3

Opencast 7.3 fixes a bug where the audio-source-name parameter of the composite operation defaults to none instead of "dual" in distributed systems, causing the resulting video to have no audio. A workaround for this problem entails setting audio-source-name to "dual" explicitly. Additionally this release fixes another problem in the composite WOH where using the watermark tool causes the operation to fail.

This release also solves a major problem during the index rebuild of the workflow service where the process will sometimes fail with an OutOfMemory error because it's attempting to load all workflows at once. This problem is averted by loading and processing the workflows in increments instead. If you encountered this problem or plan to update to 7 and have a lot of workflows in your system, you should update to 7.3.

7.3 also ensures that the start dates shown in the events table and in the event details are once more consistent by using the bibliographic for both instead of showing the technical date in the events table since this can't be updated via UI for uploaded events and leads to confusion.

Last but not least this release also fixes a known security vulnerability in Apache Santuario, so it is encouraged to update.

Additional Notes About 7.4

Opencast 7.4 brings a performance fix for some queries in the search API that can cause Opencast to run out of memory.

This release also gives back a patch that was in version 6.x that allows to filter capture agent roles for ACLs and fixes the date cell of the events overview table in the admin UI.

Finally, Opencast 7.4 also brings an update to the CAS security example that was out of date.

Additional Notes About 7.5

Opencast 7.5 fixes behaviour where the bibliographic date was not changed when changing the technical date via Rest. Also an option was added to disable thumbnail generation in the video editor because it can lead to performance issues.

Additional Notes About 7.6

Opencast 7.6 fixes a number of security issues. Upgrading is strongly recommended. Take a look at the security advisories for more details.

One change is that the OAI-PMH endpoint is no longer publicly accessible by default. If you need it to be, you can easily change that in the security configuration at etc/security/mh_default_org.xml.

Fixed Security Issues

Additional Notes About 7.7

Opencast 7.7 brings better ACLs handling, remember-me authentication fix and other minor improvements.

Additional Notes about 7.8

Opencast 7.8 contains multiple fixes for the Theodul Player to better support Audio-Only files. Additionally some other bugs were resolved and dependencies were updated to address security issues.

Additional Notes about 7.9

Opencast 7.9 contains an important security fix regarding host verification. Upgrading is strongly recommended. If you use self-signed certificates, you now need to properly import them. Additionally, the UI of the docs were improved and and the Spring snapshot repository was removed to resolve build problems.

Release Schedule

Date Phase
April 1st 2019 Feature Freeze
May 6th - May 12th 2019 Translation week
May 13th - May 26th 2019 Public QA phase
June 13th 2019 Release of Opencast 7.0

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