Reviewing, Merging and Declining Pull Requests

Before a patch is merged into an official branch, it needs to be reviewed by a committer. During a review, the reviewer tries to make sure that the patch merges without conflicts, that it works as expected and that it does not break anything else.

If the reviewer discovers any kind of issue, he should leave a comment in the pull request view of GitHub and let the contributor fix the problem. Reviewer and contributor should work together to fix any problem with the pull requests before it is ready to go into the codebase.

Reviewing Rules

Reviewing a Pull Request

There is no list of things you are required to do as reviewer of a pull request. Our primary goals in doing reviews for all pull requests are to ensure that:

The exact review process heavily depends on the type, size and purpose of the pull request.

Here are some things a reviewer should usually do:

Some changes require special attention:

Folder Description
etc/listproviders Changes here might need to be reflected in the static mockup data for the Admin UI facade found in modules/admin-ui/src/test/resources/app/admin-ng/resources
modules/admin-ui/src/main/java In case the interface of the Admin UI facade changes, those changes need to be also reflected in the static mockup data for the Admin UI facade found in modules/admin-ui/src/test/resources/app.