Paella Player

The Paella (pronounced 'paeja') Player is an Open Source Javascript video player capable of playing an unlimited number of audio & video streams synchronously, Live Streaming, Zoom, Captions, contributed user plugins and a lot more. It is easy to install and customize for your own needs.

Paella has been specially designed for lecture recordings. It works with all HTML5 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) and within iOS and Android.

Have a look to the paella features list or see them live on paella demos page

Enable paella player

To enable paella player you need to edit the prop.player variable. This can be enabled for each tenant. So the configuration keys are located in etc/org.opencastproject.organization-mh_default_org.cfg.

To activate the paella player set:



The configurations for the paella player are done for each tenant. The paella configuration files are located in etc/ui-config/<tenant_id>/paella/config.json.

For the default mh_default_org tenant file is located at etc/ui-config/mh_default_org/paella/config.json.

For more information about the configuration format options, see the paella documentation

Tracks to be played

An event can have many tracks, but an institution can configure which of these tracks are played and which are not. To do it, you need to configure es.upv.paella.opencast.loader plugin.

Multiple audio tracks

An event can have multiple audio tracks. Paella only plays one at a time, but you can configure paella to allow the user to decide which one to play. Read the es.upv.paella.opencast.loader documentation plugin for more information.

This feature is usefull when you have multiple audio languages, so the users can switch to the audio language they want.