Opencast 8: Release Notes



Configuration changes

API changes

Additional Notes about 8.11

This release contains several bugfixes. - Gracefully handle missing Shibboleth User References - Handle broken encoding profiles without killing the ComposerService - Configure POST api/groups access correctly - Validate Ingested DublinCore Catalogs - Fix Sorting Series by Creators - Properly configure AWS S3 distribution on startup by default

Please check the changelog for a complete overview.

Additional Notes about 8.10

This release contains an important bugfix where unprivileged users could not upload videos.

Additional Notes about 8.9

Opencast 8.9 contains an important security fix regarding host verification. Upgrading is strongly recommended. If you use self-signed certificates, you now need to properly import them. Additionally, the UI of the docs were improved and and the Spring snapshot repository was removed to resolve build problems. 5 other patches have been merged.

Additional Notes About 8.8

This maintenance includes 12 patches.

Additional Notes About 8.7

This maintenance release fixes severals bugs including problems with the scheduler in multitenant systems and adds missing ACLs after asset uploads.

Additional Notes About 8.6

This maintenance release contains some bugfixes.

Additional Notes About 8.5

This maintenance release contains mainly fixes for LTI issues.

Additional Notes About 8.4

This maintenance release contains several Opencast Studio bug fixes and enhancements, plus additional security filters.

Configuration Changes in 8.4

Additional Notes About 8.3

To improve the integration of Opencast Studio we introduced the custom roles plugin for LTI.

There are also several changes in Opencast Studio:

Configuration Changes in 8.3

Additional Notes About 8.2

Unlike in other maintainance releases, the release managers decided to break the rule to include features only in major releases. So Opencast 8.2 includes Opencast Studio a browser-based recording tool. We felt that because of the Corona Crisis this tool would be to many Opencast users as soon as possible.

Additionally this release also includes 17 other patches.

Configuration Changes in 8.2

Aditional Notes About 8.1

Opencast 8.1 fixes a number of security issues. Upgrading is strongly recommended. Take a look at the security advisories for more details.

One change is that the OAI-PMH endpoint is no longer publicly accessible by default. If you need it to be, you can easily change that in the security configuration at etc/security/mh_default_org.xml.

Configuration Changes in 8.1

Fixed Security Issues

Release Schedule

Date Phase
October 1st 2019 Feature Freeze
Nov 4th - Nov 10th 2019 Translation week
Nov 11th - Nov 24th 2019 Public QA phase
December 17th 2019 Release of Opencast 8.0

Release managers