Upgrading Opencast from 7.x to 8.x

This guide describes how to upgrade Opencast 7.x to 8.x. In case you need information about how to upgrade older versions of Opencast, please refer to older release notes.

Configuration Changes

  1. The configuration file etc/org.opencastproject.kernel.security.LtiLaunchAuthenticationHandler.cfg was moved to etc/org.opencastproject.security.lti.LtiLaunchAuthenticationHandler.cfg.

How to Upgrade

  1. Stop your current Opencast instance
  2. Replace Opencast with the new version
  3. Update your Configuration (see above)
  4. Back-up Opencast files and database (optional)
  5. Upgrade the database
  6. Remove search index data folder
  7. Start Opencast
  8. Rebuild Admin UI and External API index

You can find the database upgrade script in docs/upgrade/7_to_8/.