Opencast 9: Release Notes

Important Changes



API changes

Additional Notes about 9.12

This release contains a security fix:

Like the previous release this is an out-of-order patch to address and resolve a further vulnerability discovered by security researchers. Unlike the previous release it not only provides an updated version of Pax Logging, but also entirely removes the replaced bundles from Opencast's assemblies to avoid confusion if people do find the old, vulnerable version of Log4J somewhere on the filesystem, even though it is not used.

Additional Notes about 9.11

This release contains two security fixes:

Additional Notes about 9.10

This release contains two important security fixes. Please take a look at the changelog for more information.

Additional Notes about 9.9

Minor fixes and improvements regarding the documentation, the translations, and the handling of extended metadata catalogs.

Additional Notes about 9.8

This release contains a few minor bugfixes. Notably this contains a fix which resolves an issue related to Extron's SMP351 devices. This fix is temporary, and will be removed in future Opencast versions.

Additional Notes about 9.7

Bugfixes, quality of life improvements for developers, and even some features! Some highlights:

Additional Notes about 9.6

Another release with many bug fixes, but also some new features, including, but not limited to:

Additional Notes about 9.5

This release contains many bugfixes. In particular, a long standing issue with 9's automatic database schema generation is finally resolved.

There is also a "Download" dropdown in the LTI tools, now.

Additional Notes about 9.4

Besides many fixes and improvements, Opencast 9.4 comes with the following new features:

Additional Notes about 9.3

Besides many fixes and improvements, Opencast 9.3 comes with the following new features:

Additional Notes about 9.2

Opencast 9.2 comes with a few new features, non of which require any migrations or change the default bohavior of Opencast 9.x.

A metrics endpoint has been added. It supports the OpenMetrics format and can be used by tools like Prometheus. The endpoint is available at /metrics.

A completely new system for securing static file content has been integrated. While is is not active by default for compatibility to older 9.x releases, it can be easily enabled and used to ensure access to static files has the same security checks you are already used to from the player and from other user interfaces.

A new workflow operation cut-marks-to-smil has been added to allow a simpler specification of cutting information for the video editor. This was also the last piece missing from the BigBlueButton recordings integration in Opencast.

Some problems with the new adopter registration and update reporting have been resolved. If you stumbled over these before, this is the release to try again.

A security problem where chaning access ights to an individual video lead to cooresponding changes to its entire series was fixed.

Additional Notes about 9.1

This release contains an important bugfix where unprivileged users could not upload videos, before.

Release Schedule

Date Phase
October 5th Feature freeze
November 9th–November 15th Translation week
November 16th–November 29th Public QA phase
December 15th Release of Opencast 9.0

Release managers