Paella player plugins

Almost every paella feature is a plugin that can be enabled/disabled by each organization. You need to modify the plugins section of the paella config file.

To enable/disable a plugin you need to set the plugin enable property to false.


  "plugins": {
    "list": {
      "es.upv.paella.opencast.downloadsPlugin": {
        "enabled": true

Plugins provided by Paella player

To view a full list of plugins, see the the paella documentation page

Plugins provided by Opencast

The paella bundle for Opencast comes with a list of plugins to integrate with Opencast

Plugin Description
es.upv.paella.opencast.descriptionPlugin Adds a panel with the video description information.
es.upv.paella.opencast.downloadsPlugin Adds a panel to download the videos.
es.upv.paella.opencast.episodesFromSeries Show a list of videos in the same series.
es.upv.paella.opencast.loader Configures how events are loaded into paella player.
es.upv.paella.opencast.logIn Adds a button to be able to login.
es.upv.paella.opencast.searchPlugin Enable searches using the OCR transcription.
es.upv.paella.opencast.transcriptionTabBarPlugin Adds a panel to show the OCR transcriptions.
es.upv.paella.opencast.userTrackingSaverPlugIn Allows to use Opencast Usertracking Service to track usage data.