Probe Resolution Workflow Operation

ID: probe-resolution


The probe-resolution operation analyzes specified tracks in the mediapackage and sets workflow instance variables based on the video resolution and the mapping set-up.

Parameter Table

Configuration Key Example Description
source-flavor* presentation/work The "flavor" of the track to use as a source input
var:VARNAME 1280x720,1920x1080 Resolutions to variable mapping
val:VARNAME 16/9 Value to set if resolution matches

* mandatory configuration key

There can be an arbitrary number of variable parameters. They must be prefixed by var:, followed by the variable name to set to true if the video has a resolution listed. The var: prefix will not be part of the resulting variable name but will be replaced with a representation of the tracks flavor.

By default, the variable will be set to true if the resolution matches. If a val:VARNAME configuration is present which matches a var:VARNAME, the value from that configuration key will be used instead.

Note that if there are multiple video streams with one flavor, only the information from the last video stream are taken.

Operation Example

    description="Set control variables based on video resolution">
    <configuration key="source-flavor">*/source</configuration>
    <configuration key="var:aspect">1280x720,1920x1080,2592x1080</configuration>
    <configuration key="val:aspect">16/9</configuration>
    <configuration key="var:is_720">1280x720</configuration>
    <configuration key="var:is_1080">1920x1080,2592x1080</configuration>

If a video track with a resolution of 1280x720 is passed to this operation as presentation/source, the resulting variables would be: