Opencast Proposals

All important decisions for Opencast Matterhorn have to be made on list. To do that committers may send proposals (marked with #proposal) to list on which other committers may then vote. Opencast uses lazy consensus meaning that no response signals agreement. Apart from that committers may vote with:

  • +1 yes, agree - also willing to help bring about the proposed action
  • +0 yes, agree - not willing or able to help bring about the proposed action
  • -0 no, disagree - but will not oppose the action going forward
  • -1 veto, disagree - opposes the action going forward and must propose an alternate action to address the issue or a justification for not addressing the issue

Passed Proposals

Moving away from the 3rd party scripts

Proposed by Greg Logan, Passed on Fri, 24 Jul 2015 15:00:00 UTC

Hi folks,

As it stands right now we depend on the 3rd party tool script to
install a great many of our 3rd party dependencies.  These are
utilities like tesseract, ffmpeg, sox, etc.  This script is maintained
by Matjaz, in his own time.  I'd like to take a moment to thank him
for a doing a great job on a particularly annoying aspect of
supporting our work!  I know it hasn't been easy, especially
supporting vast number of different OS versions!

With the release of 2.0 I noticed that our 3rd party tool script is
becoming both a little out of date, and difficult to maintain.  I took
a quick look around and it seems like *most* of our dependencies are
available from normal distribution repositories for Debian based
systems, and I'm told that there is a similar situation for Redhat
based systems.  I am unsure of how many of our users are running
Matterhorn on Mac, but I would hope that our developers who are
working on Mac would be able to provide instructions and/or binaries
for those users.  The only dependency where there might be a universal
sticking point is ffmpeg (due to patent concerns), however ffmpeg
builds a full static binary with each release, so I assume we can
either depend on this and/or cache them somewhere.

What this means is that we can potentially remove the 3rd party script
from our repository.  I hereby #propose we find a way to do that,
which would remove the 3rd party script from the repository and
replace it with a number of new steps in the install documentation.

Requirement Specification

Proposed by Lars Kiesow, Passed on Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:55:31 UTC

On list or IRC we often see that people do not really know the current
requirements for a specific version of Opencast Matterhorn. Of course
there are the pom.xml files specifying internal dependencies, but there
is nothing for 3rd-party-tools, ...

It would be nice to add a file specifying these requirements in a
format that is easy to parse and can hence be used for automatic
scripts to generate dependency lists, ...

That is why I hereby #propose to add a requirements.xml file that
specifies the requirements for Opencast Matterhorn:
 - Required tools including versions
 - Which modules require which tools
 - Which modules conflict with each other (negative requirement)

This is mainly what is not specified by the pom.xml files yet.

Jira Clean-Up (Tags VS Labels)

Proposed by Lars Kiesow, Passed on Thu, 19. Mar 2015 15:43:20 UTC

…then hereby I officially #propose removing the labels from Jira.

For more details, have a look at the mail thread at:!topic/matterhorn/vIdWQkZmbdQ

FFmpeg Update

Proposed by Lars Kiesow, Passed on Sat, 14 Mar 2015 22:12:18 UTC

Looking at the FFmpeg project for the last two years, you will notice
that they developed a pretty stable release cycle with a release of a
new stable version approximately every three month.

To stop us from having to propose an update again and again, I hereby
propose the following general rule for our support of FFmpeg:

  A Matterhorn release will oficially support the latest stable
  version of FFmpeg released at the time the release branch is cut and
  all other FFmpeg versions with the same major version number released

For example, for Matterhorn 2 this would mean that we will officially
support FFmpeg 2.5.4 and all later 2.x versions like 2.6 which has
been released on the 7th of March or a possible 2.7 onece it is
released. We would, however, not necessarily support an FFmpeg 3 as it
*might* come with an interface change that *could* break compatibility.

That obviously does not mean that older versions of FFmpeg just stop
working. In fact, most parts of the default Matterhorn configuration
should at the moment still work with FFmpeg 1.x but we will not test or
fix compatibility problems.

Proposal Log

Proposed by Lars Kiesow, Passed on Sat, 14 Mar 2015 16:35:08 UTC

It would be wonderful if we had a central place to look up the proposals
that have passed.

That is why I hereby propose that:

 - We create a proposal log in our new documentation containing all
   proposals that have passed on list.

 - A proposal will become effective only after it is written down in
   that log. That should usually be done by the person who sent out
   that proposal.

This will, of course, not affect the existing decision making rules
(proposal on list, marked with #proposal, lazy consensus after three
days, no -1, ...)