Opencast Administration Guide

Welcome to the Matterhorn Universe! Matterhorn is an open-source enterprise level lecture recording system. The core of the system delivers functionality for scheduling, media encoding, editing and content delivery. For lecture capture, Matterhorn provides capture agent software and third party appliances are available. An awesome community provides new features and support.

The Software

Matterhorn contains everything you need for scheduling captures, trimming, captioning, and conversion of output media to several formats and our engage components. The core can be deployed on one (all-in-one deployment) or many (distributed deployment) Linux servers so your Matterhorn installation can grow with the needs of your university.

Release Documentation

The Matterhorn Release Documentation is the official Matterhorn documentation for each release. It contains:

Further Documentation

Apart from these official documentation, further guides and tips can be found in the Matterhorn Adopter Wiki, as well as on the mailing lists, the IRC channel and the regular meetings.