The CommentWorkflowOperationHandler can be used to create, resolve or delete comments for events within workflows.

Parameter Table

Configuration Key Example Description Default
action create Action to be performed: create, resolve or delete create
description* Recording has not been cut yet. The description text to add to the comment
reason EVENTS.COMMENTS.REASONS.CUTTING The optional comment reason's i18n id. You can find the id in etc/listprovides/

* mandatory configuration key


  • create will not create duplicate comments, i.e. if there is already a comment with the same reason and description, no additional comment will be created
  • resolve and delete will perform no action in case that no comment with the specified reason and description exists

Operation Example

  description="Mark the recording for cutting">
    <configuration key="description">Recording has not been cut yet.</configuration>
    <configuration key="reason">EVENTS.COMMENTS.REASONS.CUTTING</configuration>
    <configuration key="action">create</configuration>