The RepublishOaiPmhWorkflowOperation will update your media in your OAI-PMH repositories. In case that the media has not been published before, this operation will skip.

Parameter Table

Configuration Keys Description
source-flavors Republish any media package elements with one of these (comma-separated) flavors
source-tags Republish only media package elements that are tagged with one of these (comma-separated) tags
repository The name of the OAI-PMH repository where the media should be updated
merge Merge with existing published data. Updated media package elements replace existing ones based on their flavor.

Operation Example

    description="Distribute and publish to the OAI-PMH repository">
        <configuration key="source-flavors">presenter/source, presentation/source</configuration>
        <configuration key="source-tags">oaipmh</configuration>
        <configuration key="repository">default</configuration>
        <configuration key="merge">true</configuration>