Workflow Operation Handler


Workflows are the central element to define how a media package is being processed by the Opencast services. Their definitions consist of a list of workflow operations, which basically map a piece of configuration to Opencast code:

<definition xmlns="">
        <configuration key="source-flavors">presentation/trimmed</configuration>
        <configuration key="target-flavor">presentation/tagged</configuration>

Default Workflow Operations

The following table contains the workflow operations that are available in an out-of-the-box Opencast installation:

Operation Handler Description Details
analyze-audio Analyze first audio stream Documentation
analyze-tracks Analyze tracks in media package Documentation
animate Create animated video sequence Documentation
asset-delete Deletes the current mediapackage from the Archive Documentation
attach-watson-transcription Attaches automated transcripts to mediapackage Documentation
cleanup Cleanup the working file repository Documentation
clone Clone media package elements to another flavor Documentation
comment Add, resolve or delete a comment Documentation
compose Encode media files using FFmpeg Documentation
composite Compose two videos on one canvas. Documentation
concat Concatenate multiple video tracks into one video track Documentation
configure-by-dcterm Set workflow parameter if dublincore term matches value Documentation
copy Copy media package elements to target directory Documentation
cover-image Generate a cover-image containing metadata Documentation
defaults Applies default workflow configuration values Documentation
duplicate-event Create an event by cloning an existing one Documentation
editor Waiting for user to review, then cut video based on edit-list Documentation
encode Encode media files to differents formats in parallel Documentation
error-resolution Internal operation to pause a workflow in error Documentation
execute-many Execute a command for each matching element in a MediaPackage Documentation
execute-once Execute a command for a MediaPackage Documentation
export-wf-properties Export workflow properties Documentation
extract-text Extracting text from presentation segments Documentation
failing Operations that always fails Documentation
http-notify Notifies an HTTP endpoint about the process of the workflow Documentation
image Extract images from a video using FFmpeg Documentation
image-to-video Create a video track from a source image Documentation
import-wf-properties Import workflow properties Documentation
incident Testing incidents on a dummy job Documentation
include Include workflow definition in current workflow Documentation
ingest-download Download files from external URL for ingest Documentation
inspect Inspect the media (check if it is valid) Documentation
log Log workflow status Documentation
normalize-audio Normalize first audio stream Documentation
partial-import Import partial tracks and process according to a SMIL document Documentation
post-mediapackage Send mediapackage to remote service Documentation
prepare-av Preparing audio and video work versions Documentation
probe-resolution Set workflow instance variables based on video resolution Documentation
publish-aws Distribute and publish media to Amazon S3 and Cloudfront Documentation
publish-configure Distribute and publish media to the configured publication Documentation
publish-engage Distribute and publish media to the engage player Documentation
publish-oaipmh Distribute and publish media to a OAI-PMH repository Documentation
publish-youtube Distribute and publish media to YouTube Documentation
republish-oaipmh Update media in a OAI-PMH repository Documentation
retract-aws Retracts media from AWS S3 and Cloudfront publication Documentation
retract-configure Retracts media from configured publication Documentation
retract-engage Retracts media from Opencast Media Module publication Documentation
retract-oaipmh Retracts media from a OAI-PMH repository Documentation
retract-youtube Retracts media from YouTube Documentation
segment-video Extracting segments from presentation Documentation
segmentpreviews Extract segment images from a video using FFmpeg Documentation
send-email Sends email notifications at any part of a workflow Documentation
series Apply series to the mediapackage Documentation
silence Silence detection on audio of the mediapackage Documentation
snapshot Archive the current state of the mediapackage Documentation
start-watson-transcription Starts automated transcription provided by IBM Watson Documentation
tag Modify the tag sets of media package elements Documentation
tag-by-dcterm Modify the tags if dublincore term matches value Documentation
theme Make settings of themes available to processing Documentation
timelinepreviews Create a preview image stream from a given video track Documentation
waveform Create a waveform image of the audio of the mediapackage Documentation
zip Create zipped archive of the current state of the mediapackage Documentation